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Spring Pest Control Tips

Spring: Watch out for Moths in your cupboards and drawers……

At last the winter is over and it is time to bring out the spring tops and put the jumpers away, but will they still be wearable next winter? Clothes moths can wreak havoc while you are not looking and when you get your favourite jumper out next winter you find it full of holes. Contrary to popular belief it is not the adult moths that do the damage, it is their caterpillars which remain hidden in the dark of your wardrobes and drawers seeking out and eating animal fibres – wool, felt, fur and feathers. As ever in life, protection is better than cure.  PestFreeHome offers a number of products which will help:

Strong smelling natural oils such as cedar-wood oil are believed to repel moths in the same way that old fashioned mothballs (no longer available) used to, but without that tell-tale odour instantly recalled by anyone over 50! PestFreeHome offers a range of Cedar Wood solutions (eggs, hearts, and blocks) that you can place in your drawers amongst your clothes or hang in your wardrobes.

If you want to trap or monitor adult clothes moths The Triangle Clothes Moth Trap is designed to do just this. The Triangle Clothes Moth Trap will also catch the adult moths before they have the chance to lay their eggs, giving you the opportunity of doing something about the problem before any damage is done.

We also offer the Rentokil Clothes Moth Trap, a product that hangs in the wardrobe and slowly gives off an insecticide vapour that kills both the adults and the caterpillars.


Bed Bugs

These pests are becoming more and more of a problem. Because of our more mobile modern lifestyle they can be moved around and accidentally picked up so much easier today.  It is always good practice to check for bed bugs in a hotel room when you arrive, especially where you and many others place your case. Check out around the headboard and along the sewn edges of the mattress. If you think you have bed bugs then the BB Alert is a quick and easy way to check. Just place the trap and let the heat pads attract the bed bugs – just like a sleeping human would do. Read all about bed bugs in our easy to understand guide Bed Bug Beware or check out our Experts page and watch the video of our expert David Cain on BBC Breakfast News 

  • March 16, 2015
  • Richard Strand