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Summer Pest Control Tips

Don’t let pests spoil your picnic, BBQ or camping

Warm summer nights on the patio, enjoying a glass of chilled Sauvignon blanc with a steak on the BBQ, laying lazily under the sun on the grass after a pleasant picnic by the lake or on holiday in the great outdoors in a field full of tents enjoying camping for the first time. All sound idyllic but the reality can fall short of this. It’s as if all those bugs and insects know it’s picnic time for them too when they see us coming. Ants march up the table or onto the picnic rug in search of all those sweet things intended for the kids. When they find them they literally tell their mates and bring them along for the party. Flies, usually very adept at avoiding our attempts to swat them, commit suicide by drowning themselves in the wine or turn their attention to what is about to go on the barbecue and walk all over it and sample it. Wasps check out what’s on offer noisily and persistently. As afternoon turns to evening the night shift comes on duty. Dusk brings out midges, gnats, mosquitoes and other bugs often in hoards! Even if they don’t bite they can still get into your food and spoil the fun.


How can PestFreeHome help you enjoy that barbecue or picnic without the hassle of bugs and insects.



A good idea is to start with an Insect Pen. Use this to draw an insect barrier at the lower end of each of your patio table legs. This will stop ants from climbing it.

Flies & Flying Insects

If flying insects are a problem during the day then you will need a Zap Bat. Looking like a tennis racquet only the strings are an electrified grid. Powered by 2 AA batteries, this is enough to generate sufficient voltage to kill those nuisance flies and wasps but not be a danger to children and pets (dare we suggest this can be an entertaining exercise especially during Wimbledon week). 



Now to tame those pesky wasps. A ‘Waspinator’ is a great idea. This is a new concept and is simply a special bag designed to look like a wasp nest you hang it from your patio parasol and Wasps think it is a competing colony and stay away. The makers claim that it will deter wasps within a radius of 12 metres. Alternatively hang a Honey Pot Wasp Trap with a little fruit juice or squash to attract them into the "No Return" entry funnel.


Mosquitoes and Midges

As the sun goes down and the night shift appears then there is nothing better than using anti mosquito creams. Swamp Gel is a unique long lasting gel ideal to stop the mosquitoes and midges from biting. Don’t forget Citronella candles smell nice and can keep the insects away. Finally think how useful a patio insect light trap, emitting ultra violet light that attracts flying insects to an electrified grid or glue board would be to complete the control package. We have the economically priced Zero Electronic Insect Trap, Because it is easy to plug in you can use it outdoors and inside the conservatory as well. Maybe that dream of a pest free BBQ, picnic or camping is not just a dream after all?


  • June 22, 2015
  • Richard Strand