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Autumn Pest Control Tips

Mice and Rats are looking for a warm winter home…

Mice & Rats

"A mouse can fit through a gap of 6mm -7mm” that’s the size of a pencil! As the vegetation dies back, rats and mice that have quite happily lived outside during the summer, lose both their food source and much of their protective cover. This, coupled with the onset of colder weather, drives them towards the food and shelter that our homes offer them. It is at this time of year that the majority of rat or mouse problems start. Deal with them early, once they have settled into your house or garage they will breed and it will become harder to eradicate them. Think about proofing your home to stop them getting in, in the first place. Prevention is always better than cure. Pest Free Home offers a full range of products to proof against and to control rats and mice. Our range ofMouseMesh screens are ideal in preventing mice getting into your home through airbricks. If they you do get mice into the home then there are three ways you can control them. You can catch them live, but take care how you then get rid of the live mouse, you can use a "snap trap to catch and kill them, this is also good for controlling  rats, as is putting down a poison bait. Remember if you do put down a bait, then you must place it in a locked "bait box” or "station”. This ensures that children and pets cannot touch or get to the bait in any way. PestFreeHome has a range of products for controlling mice and rats. To decide which product is best for you just click here.


Fleas and Bed Bugs

With the end of summer and the onset of autumn, the insect pests that have bugged us during warmer days have all but disappeared. They will overwinter hidden away and protected from the cold. The exceptions are those insects that live close to us and in our homes like fleas and bed bugs. PestFreeHome offers guidance and a range of products to deal with these insect problems, visit our Bed Bugs and Crawling Insects sections.

Many homes find themselves suffering with fleas at this time of year. Although these will be cat fleas they are prevalent on dogs too and are the cause of most flea complaints on humans. The fleas lay their eggs off pets in their bedding, on carpets and soft furnishings. The flea larvae go through their life stages and can delay the final change to an adult "jumping” flea until there is a ‘warm-blooded being’ nearby for their first meal - the cat, the dog, mother, father or the kids! This explains why we suffer from fleas in the home despite equipping our pets with flea collars or subjecting them to special injections, tablets etc. It also explains why many families, returning from their summer holidays, find their homes infested with fleas and are bitten almost the moment they walk through the door, even though the pets may have been in kennels. Check out and trap fleas using our Electric Flea Trap. These traps attract fleas to a sticky pad and, first and foremost, will tell you if it is indeed fleas that are biting you rather than the midges in the garden. They are safe to use close to cat and dog sleeping baskets. 



Before packing away your winter clothes wash them at the highest temperature recommended for the garment, or have them dry cleaned (check the washing instructions). Then store the items in self seal plastic bags, preferably one garment per bag so that if some moth eggs survived the wash on one garment the ensuing damage would be limited to that item. Beyond these measures PestFreeHome offers a number of products which will help. Just click here

  • September 29, 2014
  • Richard Strand