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Winter Pest Control Tips


Mice and Rats

After Christmas and into the New Year are normally quiet months for pests. Like us they do not like the cold either! Mice will still be finding their way into garages, sheds and greenhouses in search of food and shelter. Use Mouse Mesh Screens to cover airbricks and other ways in which mice might enter buildings. Look out also for rats in compost heaps and under sheds also looking for shelter from the cold weather and foraging for scraps put out for birds. Use a traditional wooden Little Nipper trap or the more modern plastic and easy to set Power Cat traps. Don't forget if you are putting down baits always use a locked bait box such as the Keyless Mouse Box or the Sidekick.



Finally as you check through those clothes drawers and cupboards don't forget that cedar wood products are easy to use and great at repelling moths. We have a great range of cedar wood options and other Moth control products. Just click here


Bed Bugs

Been away somewhere warm for a winter break? Did you check the hotel room for bed bugs? These pests don’t mind if it’s a backpacker hostel or 5 star luxury. They are just waiting to hitch a ride back home with you in your luggage. If you think you have bed bugs then the BB Alert is a quick and easy way to check. Just place the trap and let the heat pads attract the bed bugs – just like a sleeping human would do. Read all about bed bugs in our easy to understand guide  Bed Bug Beware or check out our Experts page and watch the video of our expert David Cain on BBC Breakfast News. 

  • January 02, 2014
  • Richard Strand