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Insecticide Powder Applicator


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This powder applicator is ideal for applying insecticide powder to give an even spread and to get the powder into hard to reach cracks and crevices.

The powder applicator is ideal for applying powder such as Oa2ki Insect Powder to control Bed Bugs and for treating poultry mites in Chicken Houses.

The applicator comes complete with a funnel for use when filling and a rod to clear dust blockages. The applicator will hold approximately 150g of insecticide powder



It is tempting to apply a thick layer of insecticide dust, 'the more, the merrier'! It is better, in fact, to apply only a fine layer. Too much may even repel the insects you are aiming to eradicate, making it less likely that your efforts will be rewarded. Too much and the insects may perceive the dust as a physical barrier which is difficult for them to walk across (a bit like clambering over a pile of gravel), they are also more likely to detect the insecticide. Either way they will avoid crossing the dust that you have laid. 

Use of this powder applicator will help you apply a fine layer of insecticide dust and to blow it into the cracks and crevices that insects love. 

Minimising the amount of insecticide you are applying also reduces the risk to people and to other animals. Insecticide dust in particular is easily blown about by air currents and it can easily end up where you least want it if care is not taken, for example food storage and preparation areas, water courses, etc.