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AviPoint Bird Spikes P20


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The Avipoint system of bird spikes is designed to protect buildings against birds in a wide range of situations. The spikes are designed to prevent birds from landing on buildings without harming them.  The P20 size of Avipoint protects an area up to 205mm wide

  • Each length is 330mm to allow for easy installation
  • Strips are 205mm thick
  • Pack contains 15 lengths, covering 5 metres

Use either Avifix or Avisil to glue in place or alternately use window or gutter clips.


PFH • Professional Tip

Recommended by the Sunday Times

This product can be used in conjunction with Avifix, or with gutter clips or window clips. All of the items are available separately or this additional stack of AviPoint can be added to one of our Bird proofing kits. 

Make sure that the surface to which the spikes are to be fixed to, is dust free and in good condition. Avifix adhesive is effective on both dry and damp surfaces. Apply the Avipoint strips along the outer edge of ledges, sills etc. On particularly wide ledges a second row of Avipoint may be necessary. Do not leave any gaps. Before affixing to window sills ensure that the Avipoint does not obstruct opening windows. If necessary use the window clips (supplied separately) or for gutters use Gutter clips (supplied separately).