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Bed Bug Barrier Screw-in Bed Leg Cups, Pack of 4


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The NEW and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE bed bug barrier Screw-in Bed Leg Cups use natural, non toxic glues inside the unit to create a barrier that traps bed bugs before they can reach anyone sleeping in the bed. The barriers are small, black and attach out of sight at the top of the bed leg so bed bug prevention and control is discreet.



These NEW bed bug barriers have been developed in Australia where bed bugs are a recognised problem. Simply place the bed legs in the bed bug castor barriers to create an impassable barrier between the bed and the bed bugs. 

The bed bugs crawl up into the unit and are stopped by the largely impassable glue barrier which is long lasting. Although non toxic, take care not to get the glue onto your hands or clothes as it is hard to get it off again!

These barrier cups can be used as an important part of a bed bug monitoring and control program.