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Bed Bug Beacon


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The Beacon is one of the only product’s which can effectively reproduce the attractant effect of CO2, so critical for accurate Bedbug monitoring. A key tool to both detect for bugs as well as give an accurate picture as to whether a room is now infestation free unlike some devices, the Beacon can actively generate gas for a full 5 days covering the active period of most bugs in an infestation.



Recent research indicates that carbon dioxide is the primary cue that bed bugs use to locate their human hosts. The Bedbug BeaconTM generates carbon dioxide for at least 5 days, making it an excellent tool in the fight with bed bugs.

For maximum detection the BBB should be the only source of CO2 in the room (no people/animals sleeping in the same room).  This scenario will give you a more accurate indication of bed bug activity in less time.