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Poultry Care Kit

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The kit includes a Powder Applicator, ideal for applying dust to give an even and precise application to get the dust into cracks and crevices to control mites especially in the coop. The applicator comes complete with a funnel for use when filling and a special rod to clear dust blockages. The duster will hold approximately 150g of dust. 

Kit contains:

  • Oa2ki Powder (based on diatomaceous earth) a natural non-toxic mechanical pesticide that kills insects with both an abrasive and dehydrating action that causes them to dry-out and die.
  • Powder applicator
  • A pair of disposable gloves ideal for direct powder application on the poultry. 
  • A face mask for your safety.

Always read the label and instructions before using any pest control products.


PFH • Professional Tip

Unlike products containing natural pyrethrum, which rapidly breakdown on exposure to sunlight. Oa2ki powder can be applied into cracks and crevices and to where insects are seen to run. It will continue to offer protection for as long as it remains dry and in place. It is tempting to apply a thick layer of insecticide dust. It is better, in fact, to apply only a fine layer. Too much may even repel the insects you are aiming to eradicate, making it less likely that your efforts will be rewarded. The powder applicator will help you apply a fine layer and blow it into the cracks and crevices that mites and other insects live in and around the coop.