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Dog and Cat Flea Trap


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To control fleas using pesticides involves the use of chemicals in situations where your family and pets may come in contact to it. The Electric Flea Trap offers a long term, safe and pesticide free method of dealing with pet flea problems.

Most fleas in our homes today are cat fleas, even if the problem seems to be associated with dogs. One feature of cat fleas is that they spend much of their time off their 'host' - your cat, your dog or you! Their eggs are laid in pet bedding and carpets and the insects jump on and off when 'something warm' walks by. This behaviour is exploited by the Electric Flea Trap.

Fleas are attracted to the heat generated by the infrared lamp which mimics the warm blood of animals. Once in the trap, fleas are caught on the internal sticky pad, no more jumping on and off of you, your children and pets!

  • Fleas are caught before they have a chance to lay more eggs 
  • Fleas get stuck to the adhesive pads so you can see it working
  • An effective, safe and pesticide free solution 
  • Provides long term protection

The units are manufactured to meet UK and European safety standards.



Each trap is designed to cover a radius of 10m and so should be ample for almost any domestic room. Place the units at floor level and close to pet bedding.  We recommend buying or bookmarking additional adhesive pads and lamps for the availability of life-long protection.


Owners Say...

"Really works. I used this to check if there were fleas in the house. It caught 8 within the first 2 hours." Rachel Phillips

"These are by far and away the cheapest and most envo friendly flea killers. The fleas love em, and very soon after having one in each room we were flea free (treat the pet too). No nasty chemicals involved." Maxi