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Electric Fly Swat

  • Vendor: Zap Bat

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The fly-swat with a sting of its own! The racket shaped 'Zap Bat' is equipped with an electric mesh powered by two AA batteries.

Just press the button and swat the flies, mosquitoes, wasps and other irritating insects.

Kills all flying insects without the use of harmful chemicals

Dimensions 450mm long x 160mm wide


PFH • Professional Tip

It's not for zapping bats!

Keep your Zap Bat in your living room during warm summer evenings. Use it to zap, flies, wasps, moths, flying ants, mosquitoes and other household bugs. Your Zap Bat is also handy at your picnic or barbeque, to deal with nuisance bugs such as wasps and houseflies. The Zap Bat can be cleaned easily, simply by brushing of the dead insects. Be careful not to touch the electric grid while the button is depressed. Do not use water to clean the electric grid