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Luxan FlyMate Fly Strip, 3 pack

  • Vendor: Luxan

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The Luxan FlyMate Flystrip has a design which is unique to the UK market place. Extensive research has determined the three methods most likely to successfully attract flies; all combined in this one product
  • Coated with adhesive that contains attractant Z-9 tricosene, a fly pheromone 
  • Made on a very specific yellow board determined to be the most attractive to flies
  • Printed with fly clusters which further attracts flies 
  • Insecticide free
  • Non-toxic
  • Easy-to-use

PFH • Professional Tip

For best results the strips should be 'free hanging' rather, than flat against or close to a wall. They can also be located in the vicinity of closed windows. Avoid siting the strips close to open doors as they may lure flies indoors , and avoid hanging them above cookers or over food preparation surfaces since dead flies may occasionally fall from the strips.