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Zero-in Electronic Insect Killer


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The Zero-in Electronic Insect killer attracts and kills flies, moths and midges. 

The device attracts light sensitive insects into its electrically charged grid where they are destroyed quickly and hygienically. This is ideal for use in kitchens, conservatories, caravans, child and pet play areas. 

For indoor use only.


PFH • Professional Tip

Flies are attracted to ultraviolet light in sun light and the electronic insect killer has the same effect in attracting insects.  

 Take care not to hang the units directly above cookers or food preparation surfaces as it is possible that dead flies will fall out of the unit. Do not site near open windows or doors as the Trap may well attract flies indoors. Hang the unit 1.5 -2.5 metres above ground level using the hanging ring.

Over time the level of ultra violet light emitted by the tubes will drop making the trap less effective even though, to the naked eye, the bulbs are still lit. a single UV lamp will last for up to 6 months continuous use,  The product comes complete with instructions on changing the bulb and a form to order replacement bulbs.