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Electronic Rat Trap


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This PESTICIDE FREE trap kills rats in seconds by electrocution. The trap is powered by 4 x C size batteries (included in the price) . A warning light indicates when the trap has been activated. The trap also kills mice.

  • Efficient 
  • Clean 
  • Reuseable 
  • 1 set of batteries sufficient for 12 shocks.

This trap should be set in locations where children, pets and other non-target animals have no access. Full instructions are provided.


PFH • Professional Tip

Place the trap adjacent to a wall where rats are known to run. Follow the instructions for the Electronic Rat Trap and do not set in locations where children, pets and other animals may access the trap. Rats are cautious animals and will avoid new objects in their environment so do not be discouraged if they are not trapped straight away.

If you are confident that the trap is placed where rats are running, avoid the temptation to move it for at least two weeks to allow the animals to get used to it. Bait the trap with cereal (muesli).