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Pest-Stop 500 Repeller


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By producing fluctuating ultrasonic waves the Pest-Stop 500 Repeller causes auditory distress to rats and mice, which will drive out or deter them from entering your home. Simply plug in the unit to ensure coverage of up to 50 sq metres - the size of a large living room.

  • Ultrasound will not penetrate walls 

  • Safe and effective 

  • Will not affect humans, dogs, cats, fish or birds 

  • Humane chemical free way to a rodent free home

This is pest control without the use of chemicals.


 PFH • Professional Tip

To get the best from the Pest-Stop 500 it is important that the unit has an open aspect. Ultrasonic waves are readily absorbed by anything in their path. Furniture for example will absorb ultrasound, creating 'ultrasound shadows' where rodents may not be affected. Overcome the problem of ultrasound shadows by using two Pest-Stop 500 repellers on opposite sides of the room. Use your Pest-Stop 500 to prevent rats and mice entering your home. Site a Pest-Stop 500 repeller near to external doors and close to 'up and over' doors in garages. Rats and mice seeking food or shelter will be deterred from entering.