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Cedarwood Clothes Moth Repeller

  • Vendor: Zero In

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Made from 100% natural Eastern Aromatic Red Cedar for effective control of clothes moths.

The long lasting fragrance can be refreshed by rubbing with a fine grade of sandpaper, or by using  Cedarwood Refresher Spray.
  • Refreshes clothes and helps prevent build-up of musty mildew smells
  • Can be placed in drawers, wardrobes, cupboards or over garment hangers.
  • Pack of 12 rings


Place in your clothes drawers, particularly those containing woollen and wool mix garments, to help to protect them from damage by fabric pests such as the clothes moth, the brown house moth and the carpet beetle (woolly bear). As well as their moth repellent properties cedarwood products impart a fresh natural scent to your clothes storage areas.