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Oa2ki Organic Insect Aerosol

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As recommended by The Sunday Times pest control expert "The Exterminator" (Richard Strand, one of our PestFreeHome experts who's tips are on the PFH site).

A natural and organic non-toxic powder, now available as a long lasting aerosol. Oa2ki kills insects by causing them to dry up (desiccate). It can be used against a wide range of crawling insects which are found in the home including moth larvae, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugs, fleas, silverfish and woodlice. This product is specifically permitted for the control of poultry mite, by treating the cracks and crevices in cages. 



Oa2ki desiccant powder is particularly effective when applied into cracks and crevices and to where insects are seen to run. It will continue to offer protection for as long as it remains dry and in place.

Oa2ki offers an effective and flexible, pesticide free way of eradicating crawling household pests and bugs in most situations. This includes the treatment of cages for poultry mite.  Oa2ki is probably one of the most effective remedies against bedbugs available to the householder. The trick to success is to know where the bedbugs will be hiding during the day and to get the dust into all of the bedbug harbourages.

A unique and innovative way to apply diatomaceous earth. Oa2ki aerosol allows you to apply this extremely effective product in a convenient way to surfaces which were previously impossible to treat with traditional dust .