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Advanced Electronic Pest Repeller


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The UK's Best Selling Rodent Repeller

The Big Cheese Advanced pest repeller combines electromagnetic and ultrasonic waves to drive pests from the home. The continuous output from the ultrasonic frequencies will deter rats and mice from an area of 400 sq. feet 37 sq metres - the size of a large room.

The electromagnetic pulse passes through the house wiring within walls, ceilings and beneath flooring –typical nesting areas for rodents. 

It is safe and effective and will not affect humans, dogs, cats, fish or birds, however NEVER use the Advanced Pest Repeller around pet rodents such as gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs or rabbits. The Big Cheese Advanced pest repeller is a humane chemical free way to a rodent free home. Complete with 2 year warranty.



View the STC video with details about identifying problem areas
and how to use the Advanced Pest Repeller


PFH • Professional Tip

For best results use one unit on each floor of the house. It is important that the unit is plugged into an unobstructed wall socket and not hidden behind furniture as ultrasonic waves are readily absorbed by anything in their path. Furniture for example will absorb ultrasound, creating 'ultrasound shadows' where rodents may not be affected. Locate the device near to external doors and close to 'up and over' doors in garages. Rats and mice seeking food or shelter will be deterred from entering.



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