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Honeypot Wasp Trap


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A modern variation on an old-fashioned means of trapping and killing wasps that will work all summer long.

The Honeypot Wasp Trap is a durable plastic 3-part unit, in which you bait the bottom part with fruit juice or mix jam with water. Wasps enter by crawling through the funnel underneath which is tapered to prevent exit. The product can be hung up for the wasps to fly in or stood on a flat surface. Ideal for keeping wasps away from outdoor dining areas. It is easy to empty and refill and has full instructions provided. The Honey Pot Wasp Trap needs no chemicals or poisons to be effective

  • Easy Baiting
  • Lightweight, long life Abs plastic
  • Screw-top closure with wire hanger
  • Dimensions 8" tall, 5½" base


PFH • Professional Tip

If you follow the simple instructions on the pack then the Honeypot Wasp Trap will help you keep wasp numbers under control.

Remember to locate the trap away from where you eat, and away from doors and windows.  If you have fruit trees locating the trap in their branches is a great way to catch more in less time.  Try mashing the tree's fruit with water and placing that in the trap.

Other attractants are diluted fruit juice, squash, or water mixed with something sweet like jam, honey or treacle. The wasps will be attracted, fly in and then not be able to fly out. They will quickly drown in the liquid.  It is worth experimenting with different attractant liquids until you find something that works well for your area.

Don’t forget to top up the liquid from time to time and if there are lots of dead wasps, empty the remains into a drain, wash out and replace with your liquid attractant.