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Oa2ki Natural Insecticide Powder


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Comprises a natural and non toxic powder which kills insects by causing them to dry up (desiccate). It can be used against a wide range of crawling insects which are found in the home including ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugs, fleas, silverfish and woodlice. 

Can be used in cages of domestic birds to treat poultry mites in the cracks and crevices that are difficult to treat and is safe to use where animals are present 

Oa2ki powder is based on diatomaceous earth, a naturally occurring product and comes in a 400g puffer pack.

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PestFreeHome Professional Tip

Oa2ki desiccant powder is particularly effective when applied into cracks and crevices and to where insect are seen to run. It will continue to offer protection for as long as it remains dry and in place. 

Use in conjunction with the Oa2ki Trigger Spray when you also need to spray a smooth surface where Oa2ki powder would be unsightly or might blow away. These Oa2ki products in combination offer an effective and flexible, pesticide free way of eradicating crawling household pests and bugs in most situations. This includes use in domestic bird cages for poultry mite. 

Oa2ki is probably one of the most effective remedies against bedbugs available to the householder. The trick to success is to know where the bedbugs will be hiding during the day and to get the dust into all of the bedbug harbourages.