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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Box


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Protecta Keyless Mouse Bait Box

A tamper resistant mouse bait box that locks with a quick twist of the lid.
  • 3 feeding stations allowing multiple mice to feed 
  • Can be used in a multitude of locations

Please note this product is not supplied with rodenticide. This may be purchased separately (see ‘Related Products’). To effectively control mice you may need to place several bait boxes.


PFH • Professional Tip

To make baiting easy we supply the Keyless Mouse Box with the lid already detached. Place the bait in the box and then locate the coloured sticker on the base, line up the coloured sticker on the lid and twist to lock. To unlock find the coloured sticker on the base. Grasp the box firmly and squeeze the box by pressing down your thumb above the sticker sharply twisting the top towards you if you are right handed.


Try to locate the boxes in dark, out of the way places, such as behind refrigerators, and cookers. Mice tend to stay close to walls for protection, so place your baits close to the skirting board rather than in the middle of the room. Remember when you put the bait in the box that mice take small amounts of food from many different places. To eat enough to control the mice they may need to feed from 4 or more different bait points. When dealing with a mouse problem it is essential that several bait stations are placed in each infested room.


Once the mice have started to eat the bait inspect the bait stations every few days and replenish them until no more rodenticide is taken. At this point remove the bait boxes from site. Dead mice may still contain small quantities of undigested rodenticide which may harm non-target animals. Search the site for rodent bodies and dispose of them by double bagging them and placing in the refuse. Mice may carry diseases so ensure that you are wearing impervious gloves when checking the baits and when handling carcasses