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Protecta Sidekick Rat Bait Box


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The Protecta Sidekick rat bait box is made from rigid, heavy duty plastic polymer. The box features a side opening design, rounded interior walls for easy cleaning and an inbuilt record card holder to record inspection dates.   This station will also accommodate a rat trap (see LINK) which enables the outdoor use of a trap without risk to pets and non-target species.

  • Strong 
  • Easy access 
  • Tamper evident 
  • Large bait capacity 
  • Suitable for rodenticide or snap traps 

Please note this product is not supplied with rodenticide. This may be purchased separately (see ‘Related Products’)


PFH • Professional Tip

Place the baited stations along rat runs, adjacent to walls. Rats are cautious animals and will avoid new objects in their environment so do not be discouraged if they do not take the bait straight away. 

If you are confident that the bait is placed where rats are running, avoid the temptation to move it for at least two weeks to allow the animals to get used to it. Once the rats have started to eat the bait inspect the bait stations every few days and replenish them until no more Romax is taken. At this point remove the bait boxes from site. 

Dead rats may still contain small quantities of undigested rodenticide which may harm non-target animals. Search the site for rodent bodies and dispose of them by double bagging them and placing in the refuse. Rats can carry diseases so ensure that you are wearing impervious gloves when checking the baits, places where rats have been and when handling carcasses.