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Slug and Snail Trap


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This extra large trap can hold hundreds of slugs and snails. Sits inconspicuously in the ground. The solution holder is removable so that the trap does not need to be dug up for emptying and refilling. This trap also has a self-locking lid to prevent pets and children being able to knock the lid off.  It is supplied with a specially formulated non-toxic bait which will attract slugs and snails from far and wide!

  • low maintenance 
  • pet proof design 
  • no harmful chemicals or pesticides


PFH • Professional Tip

Richard's Tip - This is the size of slug and snail trap that I need in my garden! Slug traps are an excellent alternative to slug pellets that do not present the risk of poisoning, particularly to garden birds. 

The Slug and Snail Trap is a pitfall trap, the slugs enter and then cannot escape. For best results the trap shoup be set into soil with the soil surface as close to the entrance as possible. The trap should be baited with our specially formulated non-toxic bait. Enough bait for 15 applications is supplied with the trap.