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Seasonal Pest Control

At particular times of year most pests become more of a problem.  This collection makes it easy to find this seasons 'in demand' items for controlling animals like mice, rats and pigeons, insects like ants, moths and wasps and parasites like bed bugs and fleas.
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MouseMesh Mouse-proof Screensas recommended by 'The Exterminator' in the Sunday Times   MouseMesh is an innovative purpose made solution to stop mice getting into your home. Often mice will use the airbricks, found in the walls of most houses, as a way to enter your home. MouseMesh grills are designed to simply fit over existing airbricks. There are two materials...

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Stainless Steel MouseMesh Grill Rat-proof Screensas recommended by 'The Exterminator' in the Sunday Times   Stainless Steel MouseMesh takes the orginal MouseMesh Mouse Prevention Grill and makes it rat proof too! MouseMesh is an innovative product that prevents mice and now rats from entering properties via the holes in air bricks. Made entirely from stainless steel and very durable, the Stainless...