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MouseMesh for Mice & Rats

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Stainless Steel MouseMesh Grill Rat-proof Screens
as recommended by 'The Exterminator' in the Sunday Times


Stainless Steel MouseMesh takes the orginal MouseMesh Mouse Prevention Grill and makes it rat proof too!

MouseMesh is an innovative product that prevents mice and now rats from entering properties via the holes in air bricks. Made entirely from stainless steel and very durable, the Stainless Steel MouseMesh grill prevents the ability of rats to chew through toughABS plastic.

MouseMesh is an innovative purpose made solution to stop rats and mice getting into your home. Often mice will use the airbricks, found in the walls of most houses, as a way to enter your home. MouseMesh grilles are designed to simply fit over existing airbricks.

There are three sizes to fit all your needs, simply measure your airbricks and order the right size:

  • Small: 245mm x 95mm
  • Medium: 245mm x 170mm
  • Large:  245mm x 245mm

Never Use MouseMesh to cover flues and other ventilation as used by gas appliances.



Mice can squeeze through a gap of just 6mm (0.25"). Fix MouseMesh screens over existing airbricks to stop mice from getting into your home. Not only do MouseMesh screens prevent mouse damage to your home, they are extremely humane as mice are not being killed but simply deterred. 

MouseMesh has been endorsed by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) an organisation that has described MouseMesh as the 'Best Humane Wildlife Innovation of 2007'. 

Attach the MouseMesh to the airbrick applying a glue such as Avifix to the back of the sceeens or fix with screws through the MouseMesh into the airbrick.


Requires: Avisil Adhesive, Cartridge Gun, stiff brush

  • brush off or wash away any dirt, moss or loose brick and allow to dry
  • do not remove hole covers at corners of Mouse Mesh frame
  • apply a continuous bead of adhesive, about 6mm in diameter, around the back edge of the frame - you will need a glue gun to apply the adhesive - these are readily obtained from DIY shops and stores.
  • gentle push the frame into place ensuring that the glue is sufficient to bond to the brick around the whole edge - make sure that you place the Mousemesh the right way up - the text
  • DO NOT BLOCK THIS VENTILATOR should be readable at the bottom left of the MouseMesh when in place.
  • leave MouseMesh grill undisturbed while glue cures - 24 hours will usually give a cure depth of about 1.5mm

Glue coverage: One standard cartridge of adhesive should be sufficient for approximately:

  • 12 small Mouse Mesh grills
  • 10 medium Mouse Mesh grills
  • 8 large Mouse Mesh grills


Requires: Screws, Drill, Rawl Plugs, Screwdirver

Push out screw covers from behind before fixed mouse grills using screws - replace caps after fitting

  • use four brass or stainless steel round head screws approximately gauge 6 by 1.5 inches - but please check head size as manufacturers sizes may vary. Alternatively use No 4 gauge.
  • remove screw caps at corners of Mouse Mesh by pushing from the back with a small screw driver
  • mark through holes onto brickwork
  • drill out holes with masonry drill
  • push plastic raw plugs into holes flush with surface of walls
  • attach Mouse Mesh applying reasonable pressure to screws but avoiding over tightening which may damage the grill
  • push screw caps back into place