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Romax Rat Poison, 100g Sachets

  • Vendor: Romax

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Romax baits are blended with feeding enhancers and adjuvantsto improve palatability and bait take.

The dust free, de-husked wheat contains bio-stats that inhibit mould/fungi growth when the bait is used in damp conditions. The whole wheat is also treated to prevent germination which increases the quality life of the product without affecting its palatability; unlike some other whole wheat formulations

Romax Bromadiolone baits contain the human taste deterrent denatonium benzoate which will deter accidental consumption by children. A blue dye that acts as a colour warning indicator has been added which will help identify any handling or attempted consumption of the bait - a valuable safety feature. The dye is also visible in rat feces which will aid in determining bait ingestion.

  • Contains 0.005% Bromadiolone w/w second generation anti coagulant
  • Packed in easy-to-use 100g placement sachets to keep the bait fresh
  • Sachets keep the bait contained and uncontaminated until consumption
  • Sachets improve the palatibility, service life and safety of the bait
  • Rodents will eat through the sachet wrapper to get to bait making detection easier

Contains 0.005% Bromadiolone w/w and the human aversive agent denatonium benzoate 0.001% w/w

Always read the label. Use pesticides safely


PFH • Professional Tip

Use with the Protecta Bait Stations to ensure that the bait is protected from children, pets and non-target animals. Place the baited stations along rat runs, adjacent to walls. Rats are cautious animals and will avoid new objects in their environment so do not be discouraged if they do not take the bait straight away. 

If you are confident that the bait is placed where rats are running, avoid the temptation to move it for at least two weeks to allow the animals to get used to it. Once the rats have started to eat the bait inspect the bait stations every few days and replenish them until no more Romax is taken. At this point remove the bait boxes from site. 

Dead rats may still contain small quantities of undigested rodenticide which may harm non-target animals. Search the site for rodent bodies and dispose of them by double bagging them and placing in the refuse. Rats can carry diseases so ensure that you are wearing impervious gloves when checking the baits, places where rats have been and when handling carcasses.