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Trip Trap (Humane Live Catch)

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Trip Trap

A HUMANE & CHEMICAL FREE devise to harmlessly catch and hold mice. 


A simple one way door that allows entry but no exit. The end section can be removed to place food and to take out the trapped mouse. The clear plastic allows you to see if there is a catch. There is plenty of ventilation and this Trip-Trap will only catch one mouse at a time.

 As recommended by the Exterminator in the Sunday Times


PFH • Professional Tip

Try to locate the traps in dark, out of the way places, such as behind refrigerators, and cookers. Mice tend to stay close to walls for protection, so place your trap close to the skirting board rather than in the middle of the room.

You must remember to take trapped mice out of this trap and therefore once set these traps must be inspected at least once every 24 hours, preferably twice.

If you want to let the mouse go then make sure that it is a long way from your home. If you simply let it go in the garden it will find its way back indoors and you will be trapping it over and over again. Remember too not to release the mouse where it may gain access to someone else's property.