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About Pest Free Home

Pest Free Home

Setup in 2003 by Richard, David and Robert, Pest Free Home was among the first independent online DIY pest control stores in the UK.  Using their decades of experience and knowledge within the pest control industry the three selected the best products available to the public.

As well as offering the right product expert advice was presented on the site with additional information being offered with products when shipped.  With this knowledge in hand the least experienced of Pest Free Homes customers were equipped with everything needed to deter, control and eradicate pests from home or place of business.


PestFreeHome - different to other pest control shops in many ways:

We do not sell products in bigger packs than you need for a PestFreeHome, so you will only have smaller quantities to store in a safe place at home.

We also want you to be able to select from natural or non chemical options. All the chemical products available from PestFreeHome are approved under UK Government legislation for use for you to have a PestFreeHome.

To help you get the best results, with most products there are extra tips from Richard, David or Rob our pest control experts. If you need any questions answering please email us at

From our experience we know there are some pest control activities for which it is better for a homeowner to call in a professional pest control company, for example dealing with a wasp nest, squirrels in a loft or a heavy infestation of bed bugs. To help you with this, we have a link to the members' directory of the British Pest Control Association to find a member local to you.
Finally, PestFreeHome has been developed by experienced professionals from the pest management industry who, like you, want a pest free home, pest free business and pest free equine, farm and small holding. They want to share their specialist knowledge, experience and DIY pest control products in order to help all customers have pest free homes.


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Richard Strand

Richard Strand is considered a true expert in the pest control industry with over 30 years experience. He is professionally qualified as a Chartered Biologist. This experience includes 18 years as Executive Director of the British Pest Control Association. His vast experience has also included consulting with Government departments on behalf of the industry both in the UK and Europe as a previous president of the European Pest Management industry association. Richard is one of a small group of examiners for the UK professional pest management industry exams.


David Cain

David Cain began his career as a research scientist in genetics and molecular biology before deciding to become the world's first dedicated exterminator of bed bugs through his company Bed-Bugs Limited

David has become a passionate champion of the need for public communication of the ways to detect and avoid bed bugs and is increasingly seen on TV, heard on the radio and read in the national press expressing his views. Click here to see David interviewed on BBC Breakfast News. 

What used to be a rare pest problem at the start of the new millennium is now so extensive that he has personally dealt with over 11,000 cases since 2003.


Robert Fryatt

Rob Fryatt uses his many years of commercial experience in the pest control industry to seek out and select the best products for a PestFreeHome from all over the world. Rob is a well trusted and respected person in the pest management industry and writes regular expert columns in the industry media. Rob's international business consultancy company Xenex Associates, is a member of the British Pest Control Association.

Rob was honoured in 2007 as a lifetime member of this Association for his contribution to the worldwide pest management industry.


Recent History

  With the success of the business and increase of time that needed to be invested the founders deemed it wise to put the business in to the hands of others to own and run; while still being readily on hand for assistance and expert advice.

 In 2012 Douglas Ivie and Nick Williams became the new owners who succeeded in maintaining the customer satisfaction of the business and simultaneously increasing sales.  To everyone's sadness at Pest Free Home, Nick passed away in the summer of 2013 and the business lost it's 'larger than life' front man.

  By summer of 2015 Pest Free Home had brought on a new partner, introduced new products and presented it all via a new website.  Richard, David and Robert are pleased with the growth of their 'baby' conceived back in 2003, and each are very much on hand to provide advise and assist with recommendations as new pest products enter the market.



    Douglas Ivie

    Steve Warren