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DIY Pest Control in the UK


PestFreeHome has a wide range of products to help prevent mice entering your house and to control them if they do.

From mesh prevention grills, sonic repellers, humane traps to traditional mouse traps, boxes and baits.

Simply browse through the range of products and select the one that most meets your needs. If you click on the image you will see more details and a top tip from our expert.


One of the most disliked of all pests. In the UK there are an estimated 60 million rats and the number is growing...

Rats are opportunistic and agile feeding on rubbish, household waste, pet and bird food. These prolific breeders can bring disease to your home. It should be no surprise that we recommend prompt control.


Clothes moths can wreak havoc while you are not looking. When you get your favourite jumper out next time you don’t want to find it full of holes. It is not actually the adult moths you see flying around that do the damage, it is their caterpillars which remain hidden in the dark of your wardrobes and drawers looking for their favourite foods: wool, felt, fur and feathers.

Prevention is always better than cure, so before packing away your winter clothes wash them at the highest temperature recommended for the garment, or have them dry cleaned if appropriate. Then store them in self seal plastic bags.

Check out the range of products PestFreeHome has to help you.


Bedbugs, Bed Bugs - however you choose to write their name, bedbugs spell trouble, but our bed bug control products and bedbug book can help.

Bedbugs can be a nightmare to control. PestFreeHome takes its advice and proven systems for control from the professional experts: Bed

NEW and EXCLUSIVE to Pest Free Home: "Bed Bug Beware " An easy to understand bedbug book that explains about bed bugs, their prevention and control. Available at a special introductory price of £5.99 + postage and packing.

We offer a range of bedbugs solutions which include: A simple and easy to use home friendly bedbugs kit -that is what our many satisfied customers tell us.



Pest Control Products & Natural Insecticides to Control Crawling Insects

There are a huge number of insect which can, from time to time, be pests. These include ants, cockroaches, silverfish, springtails, earwigs, domestic crickets, book lice and a wide range of beetle pests. Many beetles are pests of bulk stored foods and can occasionally be found in domestic kitchens. Without pest control products and natural insecticides, these insects can soon become a serious problem.

Not sure which insect you have. Don't forget that PestFreeHome offers an insect identification service. Just send an example to us via the identification service, we will identify it and offer you some appropriate pest control products, natural insecticides and other solutions.


Flying Insect Control Products, Repellent, Wasp and Fly Traps

Flying insects can cause problems in and around your home. We offer a range of flying insect control products including Zap bats Wasp traps, The Waspinator, fly catchers, fly traps and Protector Natural aerosol insecticide to deal with a variety of flies, wasps, mosquitoes and other flying insects.

At PestFreeHome we offer natural, chemical and pesticide free flying insect control products, insect repellent fly catchers, wasp traps as well as traditional flying insect control products, all of which are suitable for home use.


PestFreeHome offers products to prevent birds from roosting on your home. The kits will help prevent pigeons from roosting on window sills, ledges and gutters.


Slug Control, Snail Control, Mole Control, Garden Pest Repeller, Pest Control Products

There are many other pests that cause problems in the home and garden. We have pest control products, traps and repellers listed here that will help you deal with slugs and snails and with moles. We also have garden pest repeller products that will help you get rid of other annoying small animals such as a neighbours unwanted cat and other small animals. For larger or more widespread problems we advise that you contact a professional.


Its not only us humans that need help from pests, your pets need protection too. We have a range of products that can help you protect your loved pets from annoying pests. from flies to chicken mites we have a great range that can help you.

For more complex jobs we advise that you use a professional company. Use our link to the British Pest Control Association Members' Directory.