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AviPoint Gutter Clips


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For use with either P14 or P20 AviPoint Bird Detterent Spikes, where they need to be fixed to guttering rather than to a flat surface.

  • Pack of 10 Gutter Clips
  • Each strip of AviPoint requires two Gutter Clips

PFH • Professional TIp

Using Avipoint Gutter Clips is the way the professional attached Avipoint P20 Bird Spikes to a guttering easily with no messy glue or unsightly wires.


Hold your Avipoint Bird Spikes upright by the plastic base. Snap the gutter clips onto the plastic base about 4-5 cms. in from each end. Once you have attached clips to all the Avipoint Spikes you intend to install then carefully open the pair of curved brackets/ Slide the bracket down from above the gutter onto the outside curbed side of the gutter.

You can adjust the clips along the length of each Avipoint spike to obtain an exact fit. Don’t forget you can snap the strips of Avipoint Bird Spikes to exactly fit the length of gutter you wish to protect from birds.