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Bed Bug Beware Book


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NEW and EXCLUSIVE to Pest Free Home... A bedbug book especially written to help you to understand the problem of bed bugs. How to prevent their spread and to keep them from your home. The bedbug book also includes advice on how to avoid bed bugs when travelling and how to decide if you should treat the problem yourself or call in an expert to control the problem.



Bedbug bites can cause rashes, severe itching and can become infected. Hospital admissions owing to bites from non-venomous insects including bedbugs reached a high of 3,988 in 2013-14, according to the Health & Social Care Information Centre. A decade ago, that figure was less than half, at 1,823.

Our expert Richard, one of the authors of the BED BUG BEWARE bedbug book says "Putting things into perspective there are many biting insects that are of more public health significance than bed bugs. Yet bed bugs invoke in us a deep seated reaction. Perhaps it's the childhood memory of our parents' nightly warning? Perhaps it is just because they attack us when we are at our most vulnerable - when we are asleep? Or just perhaps it is because they are a problem that we thought we had kicked. I hope that this book goes some way to readdressing that balance"