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Electronic Mouse Trap


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This PESTICIDE FREE trap kills the mouse instantaneously by electric shock. Built in safety features ensure that the Electronic Mouse Trap is safe to use around children and pets as the unit deactivates if the top is opened.

A warning light indicates when the trap has been activated. Powered by 4 x AA batteries  (with PestFreeHome your batteries are included in the price).  Features include:

  • Highly efficient 
  • Clean 
  • No contact with the mouse 
  • Reuseable 
  • 1 set of batteries is sufficient for 50 shocks

PFH • Professional Tip

For best effects the trap should be placed with the tunnel adjacent to a wall used by mice. Mice will seek out warm dark places such as behind refrigerators, under hot water tanks and behind bath panels. When locating the trap take care not to touch hot surfaces. Bait the trap with muesli or chocolate (Chocolate containing fruit and nuts works well) in preference to cheese. 

It is PestFreeHome's policy to include batteries in the purchase price of all of our products that require them.