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Guanaway Spray, clean away bird droppings


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Droppings from birds can be hazardous to human health. Guanaway passes BS6471 against E-Coli and it contains a powerful alkaline cleaner/degreaser which neutralises the acidic by-products associated with bird droppings. The alkali reduces risk of acidic damage to stone, masonry and mortars and simultaneously cleans away the slippery, greasy bird guano.

  • Contains didecyldimethylammonium chloride
  • Controls micro-organisms associated with bird droppings
  • Cleans and balances acidic droppings
  • 750ml trigger spray

PFH • Professional Tip

Application of Guanaway before, during and after the clearance of droppings, helps to break up the droppings making the surface easier to clean. It neutralises the acidic by-products associated with bird droppings. Guanaway is also a disinfectant and will help to protect against the disease causing organisms associated with bird droppings

As bird droppings are potentially hazardous we recommend the use of protective clothing and a respirator when cleaning away bird guano.