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Kitchen Moth / Food Moth Trap

  • Vendor: SX Lure

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The SX Lure Kitchen/Food moth trap is ideal for detecting and catching kitchen/food moths in pantries, cupboards and other areas where dry foods and cereals may come under attack.

This sticky trap is non-toxic and safe to use around children and pets. They come in a handy pack of three traps. These were featured in the Sunday Times on 13th May 2012.



Moths in Cupboards, Larders & Pantries
It is never a good idea to apply insecticides close to food!  Moths that may cause damage to stored food in your larder are attracted into these traps by a pheromone scent. These traps offer a safe and effective way of detecting and controlling species of moth that live in and around stored food. Check the traps weekly for signs of adult moths and replace after about 2 months as the pheromone scent becomes weaker.

If you do find you are continually capturing moths clean out your cupboards of any dried food crumbs, look for sings of moths in food packages (muesli, flour, nuts, muesli, dried pulses etc) and remove (if in doubt, throw it out).  Remove dried fruits, dried flowers, pot pourri; anything of an organic nature that has been dried.  Clean out your cupboards every 2 weeks for at least the next 2-4 months.  Keep using the traps to test the results of your efforts.