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"Little Nipper" Mouse Trap


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"Little Nipper" Mouse Trap, 2 Pack

The basic mouse trap is little changed in design for over *100 years. It is inexpensive, flexible and most importantly very effective.

  • Pack contains two individual Little Nipper mouse traps
  • Ensure you place traps out of the way of children and pets
  • Check and clear traps regularly


PFH • Professional Tip

Mice tend to run along the edge of a room rather than across it so set the traps along walls at 90° right angles to the wall with the treadle closest to it. Alternatively, set the traps in pairs, long-ways to the wall, with the treadles facing outwards. Placed like this the traps do not need to be baited as the mice will run across them rather than around them.

Try to locate the traps in dark, out of the way places, such as behind refrigerators and cookers. If the trap is set underneath furniture or cupboards make sure that there is sufficient clearance for the trap to operate effectively once it has been sprung. Set the traps as finely as possible so that the trap will be sprung easily. Keep out of reach of children and pets. If you do choose to bait the trap use chocolate or peanut butter.

*The “Little Nipper” spring-loaded mousetrap was invented by James Henry Atkinson in 1897; proof that you just don't need to improve on a simple and efficient design.