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Moth Repellent Cedarwood Blocks


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Cedarwood blocks are the natural, sweeter smelling, alternative to mothballs.

Cedarwood contains natural oils that have been used for centuries to repel insects. PestFreeHome has selected Woodlore to supply our Cedarwood range for the quality of its cedarwood products.  Just two blocks are ideal in a chest of drawers or on wardrobe shelves.

  • Natural alternative to chemical repellent
  • Attractive, long lasting



Place Woodlore Cedarwood blocks in your clothes drawers, particularly those containing woollen and wool mix garments, to help to protect them from damage by fabric pests such as the clothes moth, the brown house moth and the carpet beetle (woolly bear). As well as their moth repellent properties cedarwood products impart a fresh natural scent to your clothes storage areas. 

Your Cedarwood product can be freshened up when it starts to lose its fragrance, by rubbing it lightly with fine sandpaper.