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Passive Bed Bug Monitor


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The BB ALERT® Passive Bed Bug monitor is a revolutionary new attractant device for Bed Bugs. It is designed for use as a Bed Bug detector for susceptible areas, or to support and monitor the progress of Bed Bug elimination programs.

Passive bed bug monitors are a great way to check for an early bed bug problem. When bed bugs are found early they are significantly easier and less expensive to exterminate. Additionally at an early stage the infestation is fairly well confined to one location.

The monitor works by providing a narrow space (harborage) that bed bugs love. When the monitor is properly positioned near the headboard of the bed between the mattress and box spring is can show the signs of a bed bug problem in the very early stages. The wide white skirt surrounding the harborage location allow a pest professional to see fecal traces quickly. These fecal traces are caused by bed bugs which have engorged themselves from a blood meal extruding fluid to crawl into their favored small space. The fecal traces appear on the white skirt of the product as black marks. Additionally when a more prominent infestation is present the pest professional will also find cast skins on the skirt as well.

The monitor has a large sticky backing that allows the monitor to be easily applied to a bed frame or headboard. The monitor has a checklist on the top that housekeeping or a pest professional can tick off the month of inspection as well as a place to note the installation and expiration date.

The BB ALERT® Passive Bed Bug Monitor is discreet, easy to install and use, and contains no pesticides. It is available for use by home owners as well as pest control professionals and maintenance staff. The monitor can be left in place for up to a year.


Look at the clip to see how to use the BB Alert Passive unit