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Sealable Soluble Laundry Bags


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One of the fastest ways to spread bed bugs is to move around infected bed linen or clothes. These handy Sealable and Soluble Laundry Bags are an ideal way to prevent the spread of bed bugs.

Sealable and Soluble Laundry Bags ensure that you do not spread the contamination of bed bugs. Just put the items for washing in the bags, seal the bags and put them directly into the washing machines. On contact with water the bags will fully dissolve leaving no trace. The product is supplied with a full set of instructions



NOTE If the bags come into contact with any water or are left exposed in a humid environment they will start to dissolve. Always keep in a sealed outer bag.

First take one of the bags from the pack and reseal the pack. Remove the bed lined and place in the Special Laundry Bag. Make sure the bed linen is not wet or humid as the bag material may start to dissolve and rupture during transfer to the washer. Fill each bag so that there is enough space to tie the bag. It is always better to use more bags than overfill bags. Tie the bag with the strip provided and transfer direct to the washer. Finally make sure that the wash temperature is a minimum of 20° so that the bag fully dissolves.