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Sonic Mole Repeller


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A sonic repeller for moles that emits a pulse of low frequency vibration every 15 -20 seconds. Powered by 4 x D cell batteries (not included) the unit is effective for control of moles for about 4 months. The Mole Repeller is supplied witha spherical cap for use in flower beds and a flat 'mow-over' cap for use on lawns.

  •     Humane, environmentally friendly 
  •     Safe around cats, dogs, birds


PFH • Professional Tip


Locate the Mole Repeller as close to the centre of the moles territory as possible. The Repeller is effective over an area of some 836 Sq Metres (28m x 30m approx). Observe the mole hills and pick one towards the centre, preferably that has been freshly excavated by moles. Bury the Mole Repeller up to the cap. In dense foliage and in lawns indicate the position of the Repeller with a cane or peg, otherwise it may be difficult to find when it is to be retrieved. 

The effectiveness of the unit is dependent on the soil type. It performs better on heavier clay soils than lighter chalky or sandy soils.