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Trapper Insect Monitor & Trap, 5 Pack


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The Trapper is a non poisonous glue trap which is baited with an attractant. 

The Trapper Monitor & Insect Trap is a non-poisonous glue trap which is baited with an attractant that in combination captures and facilitates monitoring of insects. Use it to accurately determine the location, species and severity of insect infestations.

The sturdy 178mm x 89mm cardboard trap can be used whole as a large trap for insects like cockroaches or separated along perforated lines into three smaller traps for insects like ants. Its adhesive backing sticks to nearly any clean surface. The trap contains space to record the date and location of use.

Use to identify or simply trap unwanted insects



For best results against cockroaches place the traps in warm, dark, humid places. For other insects place them in hidden places such as the corners of rooms or behind furniture. Many insects are drawn to heat so location close to radiators (being careful to avoid any fire risk) may prove advantageous.

We've found these to be highly effective 'set and forget' insect traps that work over extended periods without pesticides.  If you prefer not to have animals suffer do remember to check regularly and dispatch anything stuck to the adhesive.

If you have cats, dogs or any other pets that roam do make sure you place these traps out of their reach.